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Park City, anyone? Stay in the Waldorf Astoria!

3 Jul

Brandon and I had a wonderful getaway, that wasn’t so far away after all.  Usually when we go away, we go places like Russia, or Poland, or Mexico, or California, but this time, we decided to take it easy and drove to Park City to enjoy the great state of Utah.

We spent a lovely weekend in the Waldorf Astoria in Park City, and we did it the cheap way!

Not sure if you’ve been to the Waldorf, but the first thing, and most important thing, you must know about the Waldorf is the kitchen is awesome.  I’m taking I want to have that kitchen when I grow up awesome.  Instead of eating out, Brandon and I took about 1/4 of what we would’ve spent eating out and went hog wild at the grocery store.  We spent the next couple days playing Food Network in the kitchen and came up with steaks and veggies, crepes, and homemade pizza.  When I say we, I actually mean Brandon.  Brandon is sort of the chef in the family.  I’m the cook, but he’s the chef.  There is a difference.



The spa was awesome too.  Of course, we are poor, so we didn’t get a special treatment, but we did enjoy the free services.  We went to the jacuzzis, the steam room, the repose room (a great place to read, relax and listen to weird music), and drank tea and ate skinny people treats in the lounge room.  It was awesome.

Not only was the hotel awesome, but the surrounding area was a dream.  The Waldorf is nestled right below the Canyons ski resort, which makes for great hiking in the summer.  Brandon and I found a fun trail and had a wonderful time hiking in the beautiful Park City mountains.


I’ve been to Park City a handful of times, and while I didn’t go into town on this trip, I must recommend it to all.  Park City has a ton of quaint art galleries, great restaurants and a lot of outdoor fun. When you’re in Park City, make sure to check out the hiking/biking, the Alpine slide, Main Street and the outlets, to name a few.



3 days before my next adventure…can you guess where it is?

24 Apr

Well, it’s only 3 days before my next adventure (I can’t reveal where that will be, or it will ruin all the fun).  In anticipation of all the fun I am about to have, or to help me not get too excited, I decided to focus on a few things that I love about the right here and now.


An example of good grass

Grass in Utah — I don’t mean any type of crazy weed, or anything.  I am talking about actual grass.  I don’t know what the deal is, but grass is just not the same in other parts of the world.  When I lived in Russia and Belarus, grass equaled weird green weeds.  Any time we went to a park to play sports, we played on a field full of green weeds.  Also, the ground was never even, so 9 times out of 10, I would land my skinny running bum in some sort of pot hole.  I am glad that there is good grass in Utah, so when I play sports (which is pretty much never), I don’t have to fall into a pot hole, or worry about getting a rash from poison ivy.

J-dawgs — I know of no other place in the universe that you can eat a good J-dawg, other than Provo & Orem.  When I go on my vacation of awesomeness, I won’t be able to eat a J-dawg, and that will be sad.  Well, it will be sort of sad.  Actually, I won’t think about J-dawgs at all, because I will be eating other delicious things.  I just like J-dawgs, okay.

My Husband — Unfortunately, my husband won’t be joining me for this next adventure, which is a major bummer.  While I will be having fun in undisclosed location, he will be here working like a dog.  He is a winner, and I will miss him, which makes me a good wife.  Even though, I’m actually a bad wife for ditching him in the first place.  And it’s over his birthday.  Oh man.  He gets a BIG TIME FREE PASS.  Why is he a saint?

Um, that’s all I can think of to celebrate.  I think that will get my mind off the excitement of my next adventure for the next few days.

If you can guess where my next adventure is, I will mail you a Charleston Chew and a Flat Stanley.  If you already know, though, you can’t guess.