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Hello Seattle!

29 Sep

For those of you who don’t know, I have a really rad husband. And, I’m talking rad. He cooks all the time. He’s really funny and sweet. And, he’s a drummer for a living. Straight up drummer. Like gets paid to drum. And it’s disgusting how good he is at drumming. That being said, sometimes we get to travel around for fun drum stuff. This weekend, we went to Seattle for a drum competition.


This is Brandon setting up to rock!

Well, he pretty much rocked it and won this electronic drum pad something or other, and I was proud, and it was fun, and that brings me to the rest of Seattle.

The competition was in Belleview, so we meet up with some friends there, and they took us to this place called Din Tai Fung, and IT. WAS. SO. GOOD. It was the heaven of dim sum. They had a bunch of people working non-stop making dumplings from scratch. Basically, we were so in love with it, we almost went there 2 nights in a row. We didn’t end up doing that, though, because we were afraid that we would miss out on another Seattle treasure. But, the fact that we ALMOST went there was awesome.

Day 2 in Seattle was Sunday, so we spent the day walking around Pike’s Place Market and walking around the wharf. So much fun.


Look how cute we are! Awww.

I don’t know what it is about Pike’s Place, but I love that place. It’s so peaceful and all the flowers are so pretty, and the food is delicious. Basically, we ate fish, shrimp cocktail, fresh fruit…um..we ate a lot of stuff, so I’m going to stop there, so as to not be embarrassing.

If you go to Pike’s Place Market, here are some MUSTS:

1. Washington Berries – Get some, eat them. It will change your life.


Do you know how good these taste?

4. Fish throwing. Watching the famous fish throw is surprisingly entertaining. Eat some shrimp cocktail while you are there too. Nom Nom Nom.3. Flowers. Flowers are stupid cheap, and so beautiful. Need I say more?


The fish throwers in Seattle!

5. Relax. Seattle is all about relaxing, even if there are a hundred bums asking you for money so they can go buy pot.


Okay, that ’bout sums it up for now.

Need a place to stay for free on your trip? Try the awesomeness of couchsurfing.org.

9 Aug

I decided to backpack across Europe right after the movie “Taken” was released. As a result, everyone I knew chastised me and told me to be careful to not get kidnapped and sold into sex slavery. I promised them that I would be smart and safe and reassured them that even if I was captured, my father, who is a very talented and successful graphic designer, would come rescue me for sure. Thanks, Dad. Big card for you on Father’s Day! That being said, I utilized a service that may sound nuts, but happened to be the most awesome thing of life. I urge everyone who likes traveling to give it a whirl.

Instead of paying to stay in hotels and hostels in my favorite destinations, I used couchsurfing.org. Couchsurfing.org is an organization that connects other travels. Basically, you sign up and create a profile, and offer your couch for travelers.  In return, people in cool locations offer their couch to you. I cannot begin to tell you about the awesomeness of this service.

First, it is a great way to meet new friends who also love traveling. I met great people in France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and I also met people from other countries who were staying with us at the same time. It was fun to talk about travel and hear about the best places to go from other avid travelers.

Couchsurfing.org is also unique in that you are staying with people who live in the area. That means you have a primary source on where to go, what to do, and what to eat.  I saved a ton of time I would have wasted researching on the internet and looking at maps by just asking my kind host. I also had some great experiences with food, which is sort of my specialty. Get this. One of my Italian hosts invited his chef friend over, and he cooked the most amazing Italian meal. It was the best meal I’ve ever had in my life. Straight up delicious. I also attended a wonderful picnic in France on Bastille Day.  I saw fireworks erupt all over Paris—an experience, I wouldn’t have had if I’d been left to my own devices.

While couchsurfing.org is amazing, there are a few good things to know/do.

  1. Make sure to bring a cool treat for your host. They are offering their house, time and energy to host you, so bring something special and unique to share with them.
  2. Learn how to make something delicious. A great way to bond and to show your appreciation is to cook an amazing meal for them.
  3. Make sure to read recommendations on their profile. Staying with a stranger can be nerve wracking, but couchsurfing.org offers recommendations. This means, people who have stayed there before write a little review on the host. This way you can guarantee a personality fit and your safety. Don’t stay with anyone who has negative reviews, or no reviews. Simple as that.
  4. Travel with a friend if you can. Traveling with a friend is a lot more fun, and also safer.
  5. Make sure to open your house to travelers as well.

If you have plans to stay somewhere else, you can also use couchsurfing.org for recommendations and to just meet cool people. When I was in Berlin, I met up with a couple people from couchsurfing.org, and they showed me a bunch of cool outsider art, graffiti and an underground culture that only Berliner’s typically visit.

Next time you are traveling, consider using couchsurfing.org to met new friends and find a great place to stay.

If you have any cool travel tips, I would love to publish a post about them. Here’s how to submit. Also, feel free to follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

Las Vegas RollerCon: Come for the bouts; Stay for the butts

2 Aug

If you’re looking for the perfect place to escape the heat this summer, Las Vegas is not the place to go. It is hot, hot, hot. But if you’re looking for a fun time and endlessly entertaining people-watching, Las Vegas (specifically during RollerCon) is where you want to be, with one caveat:  don’t stay at the Riviera.

RollerCon is an annual roller derby convention. Skaters, referees, officials, vendors, and spectators from all over the world take over the Riviera for one week. Everything to do with the convention takes place at the Riviera, so if you’re part of RollerCon, it’s difficult to avoid this crappy hotel. This was my first time going to RollerCon, and while I can’t say for sure if I’ll go again, I know one thing: I’ll never stay at the Riviera again.

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys sleeping on only one flimsy floppy pillow, and you like your garbage piling up for three days before housekeeping bothers to stop by, and you don’t mind having only two washcloth-sized towels to use for three people, then you’ll love the Riv. But if you prefer that your trash be emptied regularly, and your request for extra pillows and towels be honored without having to chase the housekeeping staff down the hallway, then opt for another hotel. To say I was disappointed in the level of service would be an understatement.

So that’s my rant about the Riviera. Now on to the good stuff: butts, butts, and more butts! RollerCon is the mecca for butts of all kinds. Big ones, small ones, round ones, flat ones, jiggly ones, rock hard ones, ones eating booty shorts, and of course, bare ones. Everywhere you looked, there were more butts to behold. I spent a LOT of time staring at butts. I even stayed to watch one bout because I admired a skater’s butt so much. Sure some butts I’d rather not see, but I had to appreciate the confidence of these people – they put it all out there, and they didn’t care what anyone thought. I admired their ability to just let it all hang out, and too bad if you don’t like it.


While I’m on the subject of butts, I have to mention The Thunder From Down Under. That show? Was the greatest ninety minutes of my life.  If you’re in Vegas with your girlfriends, I highly recommend checking out these Aussie hotties. VIP seats were only $60, I screamed so much that I lost my voice for the rest of the week, AND I got to touch six-pack abs and bare butts. Totally worth it.


RollerCon was an amazing experience. Getting to spend a week skating, watching bouts, learning from derby royalty, buying ridiculous amounts of derby merchandise, and spending time being lazy at the pool was awesome. There were events that pushed me outside my comfort zone – like the Black & Blue Ball, to which I wore a blue spandex body suit – something I would NEVER have the guts to do in real life. And I got to watch some of the world’s best derby players in person, which made the cost of the whole trip worth it. But playing the drums on a stripper’s bare butt cheeks? Priceless. 


Author Bio: Bone Junior has been playing roller derby with the Red Rockettes since January 2011, blogging since 2006, and shamelessly tooting her own horn since 1982. You can read more from Bone at http://www.sarahisdabomb.com/.

Thanks to Bone Jr. for your Pic and a Paragraph submission. Love it! Keep ’em coming.