Life in the Provo Hood

13 Mar

Okay, so maybe this isn’t a post about traveling any further than about 15 feet, but my neighborhood IN PROVO, UTAH officially just lost the “neighbor” part, and became just “hood” yesterday. This is sort of blog worthy, in my opinion.

I came home yesterday at about 10:30PM, closed my door, turned off my house alarm, and about 2 minutes later heard a freaky loud bang. I initially thought someone had dropped a ladder, and went on my merry way, until I heard the 2nd bang. That’s when I realized 3 things.

One: People usually don’t drop ladders at 10:30PM.

Two: Ladders don’t make loud bangs like that, unless they are dropped from outer space.

Three: Those loud bangs were either gunshots, or bombs.

HOLY CRAP! Panicking ensues.

Someone just shot a gun, or set off a bomb, IN. MY. NEIGHBORHOOD. That’s when I froke out and texted my husband for help.

Brandon walked me through the steps of what a non-panicked brain would do–call the police, go get the shotgun, and wait for him to get home.

This is where I learned some very important things about myself.

When it comes to fight, or flight, I’m more of the roll over and die type. I tried to get the shot gun, but I couldn’t find the key to the trigger lock, so I just pulled it out and put it in the corner. I also realized that if it ever came down to it, I am never going to shoot anyone. In fact, I’m never even going to be able to safely and quickly retrieve a weapon. Instead, I’ll just become a big pile of lead, fall over, and be murdered. I may be able to convince someone that I’m a statue. That’s about all I got here.

Moving on. Since I wasn’t going to protect myself, I decided to evaluate what kind of real danger I may be in, so I turned off all the lights and peeked out the window.

I peeked outside, only to find AN ARMORED VEHICLE parked in front of my house with men dressed in black right in front of my house.

Naturally, I double-freaked out, because I had no idea if these men were good guys, or bad guys. I was positive they were bad guys and going to come after me, steal my $10 jewelry collection, and MacBook, and leave me for dead.

About 5 min later, I peeked outside the window again, and saw close to 40 SWAT cops piling back into the armored vehicle.  WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE 40 SWAT COPS DOING IN MY PROVO NEIGHBORHOOD?!? That’s when I decided to do what seemed best and catch this on film. This is what I captured.

I know, my cinematography skills leave much to be desired. I don’t think I’m going to be the next YouTube sensation.

I finally decided to call the cops to see if I was in danger, and the dispatchers relayed that the “situation” was under control, someone was served a warrant, and tear gas was used, but they couldn’t say anything else. Um…sounds under control to me, especially since I’m now keenly aware that I live by a drug lord. Time to move.


2 Responses to “Life in the Provo Hood”

  1. Brady Bills March 13, 2013 at 7:21 pm #

    That was the best film I ever saw…But seriously I feel for ya. My neighbors across my street used to be Meth dealers, they also made it. We called the cops after we saw them bring in 3 stoves! The cops didn’t do anything though. Turns out they were also running a prostitution business on the side of the Meth. Cars always pulled up for small periods of time then took off. The cops finally came and busted them due to their license plates as they used the same one one all three of their cars. Drug dealers suck.

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