30 of my Favorite Places for 30 Years Old!

22 Jul

Well, it happened. I turned 30 years old yesterday, and I didn’t melt, shrivel away, or anything like that. I thought I would have an “I’m not in my twenties anymore meltdown,” but it was all okay.

To celebrate the awesomeness of my life so far, I thought I’d make a list of the top 30 places I’ve been to, so far. I am all about traveling, and hope the next 30 years will bring many more adventure. Here goes.

1. Thailand (favorite of all places)

2. Moscow

3. Southern France

4. Amalfi Coast

5. Vienna

6. Hawaii

7. Cayman Islands

9. Rome

10. Copenhagen

11. Paris

12. Kiev

13. Krakow

14. Moab

15. London

16. Berlin

17. New York City

18. Prague

19. Sophia

20. Washington D.C.

21. San Diego

22. Turkey

23. Florence

24. Saint Petersburg

25. Bahamas

26. Niagara Falls

27. Havasupai

28. Interlaken

29. Snowbird

30. Vilnius

I guess those are in no particular order, but I am grateful for my travel experiences thus far. There is so much to see in this beautiful world, so much to learn, and so many people to meet. I am grateful for each year, each day and each minute I have here. Bring on the living, and bring on the wrinkles, life. I’m ready for it!

Happy travels!


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