Travel to any place, any time throughout history. Where would you go?

16 Jul

Lately, I’ve been having all sorts of crazy dreams. For example, I had a dream that my sister and I traveled to Antarctica together to ski and look at old boats. Apparently, that’s what my subconscious thinks people do in Antarctica. After our adventure there, we took these huge, and totally unreliable, trains. The trains were more like 100 degree angled up and down roller coasters with no seatbelts—but, don’t worry; everyone was attached to the seat with a bungee cord. Anyway, the train took us to our next destination was hang gliding with about 100,000 other hang gliders in Australia. The point of all this is…well, I don’t really know what the point of all this is…maybe it’s that I’m not getting enough adventure during my waking time, or maybe it’s that I need to think a little broader.

In an attempt to do that, I would like to pretend that the Back to the Future Delorean is in my possession. That being said, I would obviously use my Delorean to travel back in time to visit some of the greatest cities of all time.  Also, I reserve the right to take a modern day toothbrush, water filter, and Tampons back in time with me.  It’s only fair. Okay, I would probably want to go everywhere, but here are the top five places.

Jerusalem at the time of Christ – Well, I am a Christian. I love Jesus, so why not hang around for the real life New Testament miracles, instead of just reading about them in the Bible. Jesus is awesome. ‘Nuff said.

1600s England –Hook me up with some real life Shakespeare plays in the Globe Theater. I call I don’t have to sit by the stinky groundlings though. I also want a big fancy Elizabethan dress and a funky wig. Then, I want to throw cabbage at Iago, because he’s one mean sonuvagun. And, I want to leave with a personal Shakespearean sonnet written by the man himself to muse about and show my futuristic friends.

1960s-1970s New York City – I want to participate in The New York School of Art and go to Andy Warhol’s parties. People were exploring all sorts of crazy art that I dig. Give me a paintbrush, pump up the music and let me run loose.

Ancient Rome – This one should be obvious. Gladiator. All roads lead to Rome. See the ruins in full force. Yadda Yadda. Send me there now, please.

Ayutthaya 1700 AD – Think one night in the Bangkok is crazy, imagine what one night in the Ayutthaya would be like. I picture it as the most gorgeous city with the best old school karaoke around. I would like to go there before the Burmese attack though. That doesn’t sound fun.

Well, those are the first places I would go in my Delorean. Where would you go?


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