United States Geography According to Me

23 Jun

My Travel Geography Lesson

This is my personal break-up of the United States of America that highlights each state’s fun factor.

States where you can have crazy wild fun are indicated in red. States that are off the charts as far as outdoor adventure goes are colored green. States that have rows and rows and rows and rows and rows and rows and rows and rows of corn are colored yellow. And, states I haven’t been to, but would like to visit are in white.

I also starred some of my favorite places, but just realized I forgot to highlight Seattle and Portland. Oopsie. Anyway, if you’re ever bored, and/or need a vacation, consider going to Southern California, New York City, Southern Utah, Portland, Seattle, Nashville, or Washington D.C. Do it. Love it.

Where are your favorite places to go in the US? Tweet me and let me know @ashleyrcummings.


2 Responses to “United States Geography According to Me”

  1. Kc June 26, 2012 at 4:40 pm #

    Hey! Rude! I have a sneaky feeling the green ones are just ones you’re most familiar with, and I have to defend dear Iowa (and really most of the midwest). There’s more to see than what’s on I-80! That’s like someone who drove on state street once deciding SLC is a bummer. I must defend at least part of tha tellow block. Your stereotypes are showing! Bahahah! Iowa City is a UNESCO City of Literature, along with Edinburgh, Melbourne, and Dublin and to receive that honor, you have to be an awesome place…kind of a big deal. RAGBRAI! Jazz festival! Awesome little downtown with free concerts and a pedestrian mall and lots of tunes and quirks. Stop by next time and I guarantee fun.

    And St Louis and Kansas City are awesome, unless you hate fun.

    • Ashley R. Cummings June 26, 2012 at 5:43 pm #

      Okay. I’ll give Iowa orange status, but there is too much corn to qualify for full-blown red status.

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