Packing a nightmare no more!

24 May

Admit it.  You are guilty of packing procrastination, packing too much, and leaving important things at home. Going on a vacation is awesome, but packing can be a total drag. Before packing, you may think of everything that you have in your closet and feel completely overwhelemed.  Maybe you think about the routine you go through every morning of changing into three different outfits, and then think “how the heck am I going to pack for my whole vacation?!?!” Well, I’m here to help you out. Here are some general rules that work for me.

1.  Make a list of everything you need.  If you can see exactly what you do need, you won’t have to spend time worrying about what you don’t need.  If 10 pair of high heels is not on your “I need this, or I’ll die list,” then you won’t be tempted to throw them all in.

2. Commit to your outfits ahead of time.  If you have 3 business meetings, determine what you will wear for those 3 meetings, and only bring those outfits.  If you will be swimming for 5 days, consider bringing only 2-3 swimming suits and switching off.  Not only will this save you space, but it will save you time in the morning.

3. Try and pack outfits that match with the same pair of shoes.  If you are going to be in 3 business meetings, choose outfits that match one pair of business shoes.  You don’t have to pack your purple, brown and black shoes if you have 3 outfits that all match your brown shoes.

4.  Bring clothes that are interchangable.  For example, you can wear a cute T-shirt and jeans for daytime fun, and then throw on a cute cardigan and accessorize to make it work for evening fun.

5. Bring an extra change of clothes in your carryon.  If you are leaving for 10 days, only bring enough clothing for 11 outfits.  Make sure to pack 1 of those outfits in your carryon in case there is trouble at the airport.

These are all great ways to consilidate your suitcase space and great ways to make packing less of a nightmare.  The last rule of thumb is my favorite:  if you forget it, then buy it.  In fact, sometimes it’s better to forget so you can buy it.  WOOT WOOT.


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