Going to Russia? Learn the Cyrillic alphabet!

18 May

Russia is one of the coolest places in the universe, but it is also a completely new universe.  When you first get to Russia (and I hope you’re not going there in winter), you will feel an air of oppression and remnants of Communism and the COLD WAR…HEY, I’m just teasing…stop being so dramatic about Russia already!

Anyway, when you first get there, it will be a blast, but also a bit foreign.  I’m guessing all the Cyrillic-filled signs will pop out at you begging for you to just understand them.  Unless you have an extra few years on your hand, you probably won’t be able to understand them.  But, it will be incredibly helpful if you learn to recognize letters of important words like “metro,” “entrance,” “exit,” “explosive device,” etc.

Here is the trick.  All you have to do is be able to play a matching game.  Ask yourself if the letters you see on the metro stop  line up with the letters on your destination.  It’s a fun game, and it will help you get off at the right stop.  Happy travels to Russia, and happy studying.  Here is a list of all the Russian letters for you to study before you get to Russia.

cyrillic alphabet


One Response to “Going to Russia? Learn the Cyrillic alphabet!”

  1. "Our traveling without moving!..." May 18, 2012 at 1:20 am #

    So interesting! Thanks for sharing!

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