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The Bahamas is the perfect place for a summer vacation

30 May

If you are looking for the perfect vacation this summer, consider going to the Bahamas. Yes, the Bahamas is a popular one day cruise port, but, in my opinion, one day is not enough time to spend enjoying the beauty of the Bahamas. Here are some awesome things to do in the Bahamas.

1. Shark Diving — Regular diving is nice and pretty in the Bahamas, but if you go to the Bahamas, spend a couple extra bucks and dive with the sharks. It’s well worth it. The cool thing about the Bahamas is you don’t have to dive in a cage with the sharks. The dive master will take you to a great spot where there are a lot of sharks, draw the sharks in with food (fish food, not people food) and you can enjoy them swimming around you. Make sure to bring a camera, because most people won’t believe the size of the sharks you will be diving with. Don’t be afraid, be rad. Do it!

2. Atlantis — Atlantis is a fancy resort in the Bahamas, and it is awesome. You could spend a week in the resort and not get bored. They have a ton of cool activities, amazing aquariums, and wonderful restaurants. If you can’t afford to stay in the Atlantis (it’s not exactly cheap), then consider getting a day pass to go to the water park. The water park is so much fun. They have great slides, a fun wave pool river, and a slide where you are encased by an aquarium full of sharks. Atlantis is well worth your time.

3. Rent a scooter — If you are interested in seeing other parts of the island, consider renting a scooter. You can find local restaurants, private beaches, and speculate about which house is Anna Nicole Smith’s house. At least, that’s what I did. Make sure to wear a helmet, and don’t forget to bring your license, or they won’t let you rent one.

These are some of the things I consider “must do’s” in the Bahamas. However, if you are simply a beach dweller, grab a book, some cold drinks and your sun screen and spend your whole time in the water. You won’t regret it. The water is clear and warm, making it the perfect place to swim and get a tan.

Packing a nightmare no more!

24 May

Admit it.  You are guilty of packing procrastination, packing too much, and leaving important things at home. Going on a vacation is awesome, but packing can be a total drag. Before packing, you may think of everything that you have in your closet and feel completely overwhelemed.  Maybe you think about the routine you go through every morning of changing into three different outfits, and then think “how the heck am I going to pack for my whole vacation?!?!” Well, I’m here to help you out. Here are some general rules that work for me.

1.  Make a list of everything you need.  If you can see exactly what you do need, you won’t have to spend time worrying about what you don’t need.  If 10 pair of high heels is not on your “I need this, or I’ll die list,” then you won’t be tempted to throw them all in.

2. Commit to your outfits ahead of time.  If you have 3 business meetings, determine what you will wear for those 3 meetings, and only bring those outfits.  If you will be swimming for 5 days, consider bringing only 2-3 swimming suits and switching off.  Not only will this save you space, but it will save you time in the morning.

3. Try and pack outfits that match with the same pair of shoes.  If you are going to be in 3 business meetings, choose outfits that match one pair of business shoes.  You don’t have to pack your purple, brown and black shoes if you have 3 outfits that all match your brown shoes.

4.  Bring clothes that are interchangable.  For example, you can wear a cute T-shirt and jeans for daytime fun, and then throw on a cute cardigan and accessorize to make it work for evening fun.

5. Bring an extra change of clothes in your carryon.  If you are leaving for 10 days, only bring enough clothing for 11 outfits.  Make sure to pack 1 of those outfits in your carryon in case there is trouble at the airport.

These are all great ways to consilidate your suitcase space and great ways to make packing less of a nightmare.  The last rule of thumb is my favorite:  if you forget it, then buy it.  In fact, sometimes it’s better to forget so you can buy it.  WOOT WOOT.

Going to Russia? Learn the Cyrillic alphabet!

18 May

Russia is one of the coolest places in the universe, but it is also a completely new universe.  When you first get to Russia (and I hope you’re not going there in winter), you will feel an air of oppression and remnants of Communism and the COLD WAR…HEY, I’m just teasing…stop being so dramatic about Russia already!

Anyway, when you first get there, it will be a blast, but also a bit foreign.  I’m guessing all the Cyrillic-filled signs will pop out at you begging for you to just understand them.  Unless you have an extra few years on your hand, you probably won’t be able to understand them.  But, it will be incredibly helpful if you learn to recognize letters of important words like “metro,” “entrance,” “exit,” “explosive device,” etc.

Here is the trick.  All you have to do is be able to play a matching game.  Ask yourself if the letters you see on the metro stop  line up with the letters on your destination.  It’s a fun game, and it will help you get off at the right stop.  Happy travels to Russia, and happy studying.  Here is a list of all the Russian letters for you to study before you get to Russia.

cyrillic alphabet


Hawaii shimmies to prove it!

15 May

If you don’t believe any of the words below urging you to go to Hawaii, check out the video.

We had a blast in Hawaii riding ATVs, sailing, zip lining, surfing, and shimmying!

Check out the smiles on our faces. Those are real.

Adventure yourself to almost death in Hawaii!

11 May

Did I mention that my trip to Hawaii was rad-tastic?  Oh, I did?  Cool!  Let me tell you a little more about why.

I don’t know about you guys, but when I go somewhere, I like to jam pack as much new adventure as I can.  It often results in me being pretty tired, but the good news about Hawaii is that Hawaii is way behind the rest of the US with regards to the whole Time Zone thaaang.  As a result, you can get up at 5 or 6 am and feel like you were born a morning person, or that you have Red Bull pumping for blood.  It’s awesome.

Now that you don’t have to be afraid of mornings in Hawaii, here are some things you SHOULD be afraid of (not afraid enough not to do it, but afraid enough to feel awesome after conquering your fears). Be afraid of cold water and heights.

First things first: cold water.  I say cold water, because to me, anything that is not a hot tub = cold water.  They always say you just have to jump in and get over it, so that’s what I do, even though I hate that cold feeling.  Here are some fun “cold” water activities we did:

  • Flume in da’ ditch:  This is a pretty fun, chill and gorgeous way to explore Hawaii.  You can ride through the flumes and ditches in the mountains and see the gorgeous terrain.  It gets kinda boring after a while, so make sure you have a list of tunes to sing on your raft.  It sounds dorky, but it’s fun, and you don’t have to be dorky if you sing something cool.Image
  • Snorkeling:  Oh man!  Snorkeling is the BEST in Hawaii!  For whatever reason, I always want to see a turtle whenever I snorkel, but the only place I have ever managed to see one is Hawaii.  It’s definitely worth swallowing ocean water through your snorkel and being cold in the water to catch a glimpse of these magnificent creatures.  Sea turtles: check! Sharks: check! Barracudas: check! Next on list:  killer whale and Nessie (I wonder if Nessie has an English accent)? Hmmm?
  • Surfing:  I tried surfing for the first time, and I learned a couple things.  One, I could totally have been cast as Bethany Hamilton in Soul Surfer, because I rock at surfing (by rock at surfing, I mean, I can stand up in the wave and look like a dork, until I gracefully get clobbered by a wave). Two, surfing takes muscles.  There is a reason why surfing people are strong and hot.  Three, everyone should try surfing, because it is exhilarating and fun.



My personal favorite picture of me “surfing.”

Okay, cold water fear has officially been discussed.  Moving on.  Heights.  I am personally not afraid of heights when it’s clear that I am going to be safe, but after being with a group of people who genuinely thought they were going to die from heights, I am realizing that heights are scary to some folks.  This is my advice.  Conquer your fear head on and you will feel energized and awesome.  I think that’s great advice, unless someone applies the same logic to me by asking me to swim in a pool of spiders.  In that case, they should stop suggesting such ridiculous things, and stop bugging me to conquer my fears.

Anyway, we had the time of our lives on the ziplines.  It takes an hour or two to get through the zipline course, and it’s a blast.  They have lines strung from tree to tree, and you go really fast and feel like George of the Jungle.  I guess it’s scary to some people who are scared of heights, but again, it’s 100% safe, and you will not even a little bit die, so go and do it and have fun!



Jumping on the bridges is fun!

Well, I think that concludes my Hawaii post for today.  Don’t worry, more to come.

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10 May

After an incredible week of being wined and dined in Hawaii, I officially understand why people work to live the life of luxury.  Usually when I travel, I have to scrimp and save, cram a few clothes into a backpack, eat granola bars and nuts, and sneak on trains n’ stuff, but not this time!  This time I was the guest of someone super important, and that made me important by association. (FYI: being important by association is the best way to travel.  You get all of the perks, and have zero responsibility).

Anyway, first things first, the Hilton Waikoloa Village Resort is amazing, and by amazing, I mean…it’s a total dream.  The property is ginormous and full of great restaurants, fun things to do and has an atmosphere that looks…well…pretty much like the most beautiful postcard you’ve ever seen, but real and with better weather and smells like flowers and ocean water.

At the resort, we spent our time sunbathing at any one of the various pools, swimming with dolphins (I am pretty  sure I am healed from any future ailment now), snorkeling in the ocean, and eating really delicious food.

Did I say we ate really delicious food?  We ate wonderful Chinese food, sushi, fish, crab and lobster.  My favorite place to eat at the resort was the Kamuela Provision Company (KPC). KPC is a fancy restaurant overlooking the beach.  It is the perfect place for an impressive business dinner, or a romantic getaway. (KPC is the restaurant I am hoping to visit for my 1 year anniversary. Ahem…could someone please mention that to Brandon)?

Not only do they have fine dining and fun things to do at the resort, they have also decorated the resort to the max.  The resort includes a beautiful outdoor art exhibit with different pieces of Asian art placed every 5 feet.  You can walk along the art museum to get to your destination, or, if you are feeling fancy, you can take a boat, or a small train to get from place to place.  Even the transportation is an awesome experience.


View of the beach at the Hilton Waikoloa Village

You could spend your whole time in Hawaii enjoying this resort, but there are many fun things for you to do in Hawaii during your stay.  I’ll share some tips about fun things to do on the big island in the next post.

If you are interested in making all your dreams come true, consider spending your time at the Hilton Waikoloa Village Resort.


Hilton Waikoloa Village