Travel memories

21 Apr

I wish I had a shimmy video for every adventure I’ve had with my friends. I can’t think of a better video to represent that than the Amber and Ashley Shimmy. This shimmy has been around since the early 90s, so I hope you enjoy it.

Just want to give a quick shout out to rad vacations with friends.

San Diego (x3) – Zach
Seattle – Amber (shimmy girl #2)
Havasupai & Idaho – Annie
Bahamas, Jamaica, Haiti, Hawaii, & Miami – Tiffany
Eastern & Western Europe & Mexico – Jeni
Mexico – Julie & Stacie
Denmark – Havilah
Turkey – Nadya & Yulia
Thaliand – Emily
Russia, Poland & Mexico – Brandon & Christie (Christie not in Mexico)

I’m sure there are many more fun adventures in the future.

I think some of my favorite memories include:

1. Stepping in barf not once, but TWICE, in Russia with Jeni, and having Jeni try and wash it off with that stupid fizz water. Why the rest of the world thinks bottled water should have carbonation in me is beyond me.

2. Feeling like a queen at Atlantis in the Bahamas, and almost getting eaten alive by a pack of dogs on our “hike” to the light house that “wasn’t THAT far away.”

3. Random Mexican festival Julie and I discovered while riding our scooters in the middle of nowhere in Cozumel.

4. HIking to Black’s Beach with Zach, and literally being shocked to death to learn that it was in fact a nude beach. Ew. I must say, though, the rock that is a marine biology factory with all the crabs, sea urchins and sea life was freaking cool. I felt like Ariel..Ariel that happened to land on a beach full of weirdos.

5. Paying 10 dollars for table water in Denmark with Havilah and Jeni, and that was probably the cheapest thing we bought there. Also, laughing really hard and immaturely at the word “fartplan” that appeared everywhere. Who knew Danish was hilarious?

6. Hiking out of Havasupai in the middle of night with water socks, starting my (.) and nearly dying from exhaustion with Annie. That strong kid had to come get our packs on the last .5 mile, because we were so tired, we almost died. Yeah, this is one of those “we will laugh about it later” activities.

7. Going scuba diving in Turkey and getting a little smooch from my handsome scuba instructor. Also having to communicate in our common language, “Russian.” This was my first of many diving experiences.

8. Getting engaged on Red Square to my sweetheart of life, Mr. Brandon Cummings. Best day of my life, and the start to my favorite adventure and favorite person to have adventures with…I love you, Brandon.


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