Travel to Cancun: Montezuma wasn’t kiddin’ around

19 Apr

To be perfectly honest, when all is said and done, I don’t really like Mexico. It’s not very often that I just don’t enjoy a new destination (in fact, this is the first time I haven’t enjoyed a new destination), but Mexico is one place I would never return to.

Two reasons for that: it’s dirty and the food is swimming with parasites and amoebas.

No one can argue that the beaches in Cancun aren’t beautiful, but if you step out of the Hotel Zone, it’s just dirty. Additionally, you’ll be hard pressed to find food that isn’t going to give you the runs.

Seriously…that Montezuma was serious about the whole revenge business, and I’m not even Spanish. Not cool. I could just slap him in the face.

If you can manage to stay away from nasty food, then there are some cool things to see and do in Cancun.

X-caret — X-caret is awesome. It’s like a zoo and natural water park all meshed into one. You can also swim with dolphins, which is radical.

Chichen Itza — This is a beautiful Mayan pyramid. We were there during the equinox and so we got to see the snake come down the pyramid. Go there. They’ll tell ya all about what that means. Also, there aren’t really jaguars there. They are salesmen blowing these really annoying jaguar whistles. Bring ear plugs.

The beach — the beaches really are as blue as they look in the pics. You can enjoy some awesome water sports, or just relax with a book.

Well, that’s all I can tell you about Mexico, because right after, my husband and I got ridiculously sick, and had to come home. from our honeymoon. early.

Big time bummer.

If you go to Mexico, bring your own food, stay in the Hotel Zone in a NICE HOTEL (don’t skimp on hotels like we did). If I were you, or a wiser version of my younger self, I would just save yourself the trouble and go to Hawaii.


2 Responses to “Travel to Cancun: Montezuma wasn’t kiddin’ around”

  1. Debbie Barney April 23, 2012 at 8:03 am #

    Oh, so sorry! Bummer in the bum! There are better places to visit in Mexico, like San Miguel de Allende.


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    […] reason: Montezuma’s Revenge. You can read more about THAT from my post about my honeymoon in Cancun. Anyway, when traveling to Mexico, it’s important not to be too cavalier about where you […]

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